Did you know?

Randbond assist clients to apply for a further or second bond on their property, to consolidate all of their smaller debt into their home loan!

Pay off all debts

Pay off all your smaller debts like personal loans, credit cards, store cards etc. and just pay one MUCH lower payment back on your home loan!

Improve cash flow

You can improve your cash flow and your current lifestyle. We suggest that our clients use the money to consolidate first, and use the rest for any purpose you might need it for.

Welcome to Randbond Property Finance

Randbond Property Finance has been obtaining loans on behalf of credit worthy Homeowners since 1971, to mainly consolidate their debt into one account. We consolidate personal loans, credit cards, store cards and any other short term loans into one account at a consolidated affordable repayment at the end of the month.

We Can Help, if you can answer YES to the following questions:

  • My/Our bond gets paid every month.
  • There are no unpaid debit orders on My/Our bank accounts.
  • There are no Judgments & or Adverse’s on My/Our credit record.
  • My/Our credit cards, personal loans, store cards and other loans get paid every month.
  • My/Our salaries get paid into my/our bank account every month.
  • I/We are not under debt review, administration, blacklisted or insolvent.


If you answered YES to all of the above, please download and complete the Application form + Income & Expenditure in full and send back ASAP. Together with all required documentation as described below:

Permanently Employed Clients

  • Copy of ID Document/s
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate / ANC contract or other.
  • Latest 3 Month’s Salary Advice. (If overtime or commission is earned, latest 6 month’s is needed to calculate average.)
  • Latest 3 Month’s Bank Statements (Withdrawn & Stamped Inside The Bank) – (If overtime or commission is earned, latest 6 month’s is needed.)
  • Latest 12 Month’s Bond Statements (Withdrawn & Stamped Inside The Bank).
  • Latest Rates & Taxes


It takes approximately 10 – 15 working days to receive a Final Grant, after the application with all the supporting documentation has been submitted. Current interest rate is 9.25%. Your personal profile calculates your interest rate, depending on:

Credit Score, Stability, Income & Equity in the Property. Repayment is between 5 – 30 years depending on affordability in terms of the new Credit Act of 2005.

Your loan will still be repaid to a financial institution (ABSA, STD, FNB or NEDBANK) and your property stays Registered in your name.


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at any convenient time